Limited Edition Videogame Zippos Are Friggin' Awesome

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If there are two things that I love on this green and blue rock, it’s videogames and Zippos. That’s why I nearly died from joy when I saw these limited but very pricey special edition Zippos that are now available to order from overseas.

A short while back, Sega together with Banpresto released two Zippos that look like mini flammable versions of the Genesis and the Sega Saturn and they are just so awesome that I would even consider the crazy $114 US dollar price tag.

The whole “looks like a mini-version of a console thing” may not be your style though, I can’t really say that it’s mine. It was for that reason that I got really happy when I saw the newest ones that have just been made from Namco to celebrate all of their old titles (shown above).

Images of the Sega Zippos after the jump.


This is like Zippo pornography… I need one… must have one…. Braaaaaaaaiiins.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 5, 2009

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