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Limited Halo 4 console is coming to South Africa

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Last week at Comic-Con Microsoft revealed their brand new limited edition Halo 4 console which will ship with a 320Gb hard drive, 2 custom controllers, a wired headset, a copy of Halo 4 along with Xbox live codes for exclusive Halo 4 content.

Not only that but the standard Xbox 360 sound effects are going to be replaced with special Halo sound effects and the green light of life will now be blue… no word on what the red ring of death will look like.

But all of that is incredibly boring as we don’t always get these awesome things locally… but thanks to an email we received last night we can report that we are in fact getting this console in South Africa for the not ridiculous price of R3999 while stocks last.

They are also going to distributing a special Halo UNSC controller for R599.

Both of these items are going to be landing in stores on the 6th of November, well that’s the plan at least.

In other exciting news Xbox South Africa are dumping their public relations company and replacing them with a dedicated local employee who is in fact a huge gamer and is ridiculously passionate about pushing the local industry forward…

We’re not allowed to announce who it is yet but stay tuned for an exclusive interview about what they are planning on doing to improve the local community, on that note. Leave us some questions you want answered and we’ll put them forward.

Last Updated: July 19, 2012

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