Lionhead doing more than just Fable

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Shoutout to the Cape Town massive, aight!

Lionhead, the company once associated with videogame auteur/liar/crazy person Peter Molyneux has been little more than a Fable factory since it was picked up by Microsoft in 2006. We’ve had Fable 2, Fable 3, Fable Heroes, Fable: The Journey and soon Fable Anniversary and Fable Legends from the British developer.  They’re capable of more than just Fable though, and they’ll be using their talents to show that soon enough.

In an Interview with Eurogamer, Lionhead boss John Needham said that Lionhead was, in addition to the previously mentioned Fable games, “working on other games, too.”

He didn’t mention what other games those might be.

“We’re working on other different sorts of games as well that we’re not talking about right now and won’t be Fable-esque,” he said.

“We’ve worked on a number of Fable games,” said studio director Stuart Whyte. “We did The Movies. We did Black & White. We’re not just a Fable studio. Judging by where we are at the moment we’ve had a lot of Fable games in recent times, but I wouldn’t say that we’re just Fable. I can’t really say any more at this point!”

If there’s any single Lionhead game I’d love to see more of, especially on the Xbox One with a better Kinect, i has to be Black and White. I loved messing with digital peoples’ lives as a deity with an overgrown, decidedly fabulous cow on a leash as my plaything. The only other really notable release from the company that had nothing to do with Fable was business and entertainment industry sim The Movies, which was a pretty decent game, but a terrible name for a website.

I’d really love to see what the talented folks at Lionhead can do without the shackles of the Fable Licence, and without Molyneux’s head getting in the way.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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