Little Devil Inside is a breathtakingly beautiful hack and slash

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Little Devil Inside

Steam Greenlight isn’t exactly what it used to be. Where as it used to be a platform for some truly exciting independent games to get some loving, it’s devolved into an endless pit of scary dreams and numerous empty promises. Still, every now and then a gem manages to claw its way through the filth and shine bright. Little Devil Inside is one of those gems.

Coming out of absolutely nowhere is this charming action adventure…or wait is it an RPG? Maybe it’s a hack and slash…well just take a look for yourself below and help me figure it out.

The game’s description makes it sounds like a mash up between Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda elements, with a sprawling world for players to explore and gruelling combat to keep you on your toes. Little Devil Inside is touted as a story-driven, immersive experience with branching quests and events, but also one that will require  a certain amount of resource gather and combat finesse.

That’s not immediately clear from the gameplay above, but you can get a sense of the cautious combat below. It also looks just as incredible.

It’s not surprising that the most striking feature of this entire project is it’s aesthetic., Little Devil Inside, for a yet to be Greenlit game, looks absolutely breathtaking. The low-poly art with some flat, striking colours creates an inescapable mood in each and every scene, and I had my jaw drop to the floor during some of those sailing sequences. It’s tragic that a game like this could, potentially, never see the light of day – but you can help that.

But in all honesty, it looks like a tonne of work has already gone into this ambitious title, so I’m confident we’ll hear a lot more about it soon. That, or I’ll just cry in a corner.

Last Updated: April 10, 2015

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