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Local PS3 price to be R2500?

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The big news from Gamescom last week was that Sony would be dropping the price of the PS3 worldwide down to $250 for the 160Gb.

Unfortunately with our local Sony rep being at Gamescom as well we haven’t yet heard what our local price would be, until now.

While still unconfirmed we received  a twitter tip this weekend from @cobusleroux who was told by BT Games Somerset West that the new local price for the 160Gb PS3 will be R2500 and that they will have stock this coming Wednesday.

I’ve sent a message to BT asking for confirmation but if this is true then it’s a very good price indeed and puts us squarely in line with the EU pricing.

The PS3 is already the dominant console locally and this sort of pricing will ensure it stays that way for the immediate future.

Last Updated: August 22, 2011

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