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LoL Tips: 5 Simple Tricks to Improve your Performance

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Every pro player will tell you that to become an expert in a virtual arena; you need to constantly look for ways to enhance your in-game mechanics. The most important thing to do when playing competitive games such as League of Legends is to be strategic.

To establish which champions have a high win rate, the most potential and strength, look for an accurate, up-to-date LoL champion tier list, like this one here. This can help you navigate your character selections and provide valuable information to help you pick a champion that you can best play with.

League of Legends, like most strategy-based games, mandates that its digital athletes have a high level of perseverance, skill, and communication. Apart from tier lists, there are a couple of simple tricks that you can use to boost your performance.

How Can You Improve Your Performance

  1. By Warming Up Before a Match

Having a specific warm-up regime to follow before enduring the fast-paced conditions of the tournament is the best way to get your head in the game before a match. Warming up your reaction times will reduce pre-game nerves and get you ready for the games that lay ahead. For instance, playing a rhythm game is a great way to practice the accuracy of your clicks and timing.

If you don’t like rhythm games, pick a compatible game that requires fast reaction times and accurate precision. Playing a few rounds of a competitive game before your match will fire up your reaction times and get them operating at an optimal level. Of course, you could play a bot game or use League of Legends’ practice tool to shake off potential pre-game rust.

  1. By Having Reliable Pocket Picks

With multiple tier lists, you can be easily tempted to stick to the meta and utilize existing OP champions. However, it’s always good to have your own pocket picks on which you can invariably rely when things get formidable. When facing a player who has taken the time to perfect their skills with a specific champion, picking a champion solely based on their current ranking, stats and strength won’t help enhance your performance.

The only way to have an advantage over your opponent is to know your champion’s weaknesses, capabilities, and strengths at each stage of the game. Having reliable picks will also enable you to focus on other core elements of the game which increase your chances of winning.

  1. By Kiting and Orb Walking

Kiting is a fundamental mechanism that helps with your overall survivability and damage output, especially when playing characters that can’t afford to take damage in 1v1 engagements. Use kiting to maintain a constant barrage of damage and create distance between your opponents. Ensure you rapidly click back and forth to lay down poke and avoid unwanted damage and incoming skill shots.

Orb walking is right-clicking to cancel your auto-attack animation when your champion’s attack leaves the champion model. Withdrawing the last part of your champion’s auto attack animation will deter your pursuer from chasing you and significantly increase your mobility and DPS.

  1. By Last-Hitting

Last-hitting enemy minions are incredibly essential when you are trying to secure an advantage over your lane opponent. Being able to last-hit will allow you to build the items your champion requires to start snowballing and maximize the amount of gold you receive.

Although, last-hitting creeps can be frustrating and difficult, especially when your foe is a poke-heavy champion or lane bully. Luckily, improving your ability to last hit is an easy mechanism to master. Just pick a champion you want to play and test your last-killing skills by killing waves of minions in a custom game.

  1. By Being Decisive in Your Actions

When you realize that your opponent has made a mistake or left themselves vulnerable, don’t be afraid to go in for an attack. It would be best to be decisive when carrying out specific plays and constantly looking for ways to weaken your foe, especially in 1v1 scenarios. Playing passively is a great way to analyze your opponent’s motives and playstyle but once you see an opportunity to punish them for a particularly aggressive attack, go for it.

Constantly adapting to various scenarios and actions is what makes good players stand out from the rest, and having excellent decision-making skills to match greatly enhances your overall win rate.

Aspire to Perfect Your Performance

League of Legends is not an easy game to play which means a win won’t come easily. Primarily, you would improve by simply playing, but to develop fundamental skills, you should actively aim to get better. The tricks outlined above will play a significant role in improving your performance.

Last Updated: September 22, 2021

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