Looks like a Gears of War remaster is indeed coming to Xbox One

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Just over a month ago, we surmised (based on conjecture, rumour and hearsay) that Gears of War was being remastered and re-released for the Xbox One – likely as a collection of the first three games (forgetting, rightfully, that Gears of War: Judgment even exists). Gears of War boss Rod Fergusson shot those rumours down shortly after they started circulating. It looks like he may have to dowse his conflagrant pants.

The rumours fly anew, only this time they’re supported by first-hand accounts of screenshots. And multiple sources who claim to be playing the test build. Said test build features the multiplayer bits from the first Gears of War, remastered with new lighting, rejiggered textures and smooth, 60fps gameplay. According to those who’ve played the build, it featured the following modes: Team Deathmatch; King of the Hill; 1 Life 1V1 Shotgun TDM; 1v1 Sudden Death Gnashers Only; 4v4 TDM Single Round; and 4v4 KOTH Single Round.

Further to that, Polygon reports that it’s seen still images snipped from the game’s remastered opening sequence, which, allowing with the game’s cut-scenes are being reworked by animation studio Plastic Wax. Polygon’s report also suggests that work on the port has been farmed out to UK-based studio Splash Damage – responsible for Brink , Splash Damage, and the console ports of Batman: Arkham Origins. They’re also the people behind Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Quake Wars.

There’s no word on whether it’s just Gears of War one getting the remaster treatment, but I think it’s unlikely to be the case. Presumably it’ll be the whole collection, released much like Master Chief’s Halo collection.

And I’d be all for that, especially to play the first game’s multiplayer all over again…though I think much of its original charm lay in just how buggy it was. Hopefully, if it happens, they’ll bring the series over to PC this time. They tried before, but a sub-standard port hampered by Games for Windows Live did nothing to ingratiate PC gamers.

Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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