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Looks like Dark Souls may arrive on PC after all

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Well, it looks like one particular petition for a masochistic port of a well received console game has indeed paid off for those concerned. Fans have been begging publisher Namco to bring its legendarily difficult and challenging title onto their particular platform, through a petition that was started earlier this year that may have caught their attention.

If you aren’t familiar with Dark Souls, it’s an RPG game that is so challenging, that beating most other games on their hardest difficulty sessions is required just to get past the main menu. It’s become a big hit on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms where it was launched last year, and now some clues have pointed towards it appearing on PC next.

A new post on the Dark Souls Facebook page has popped up, teasing fans that “an announcement is coming”, while a reveal page is also there, which is slowly being uncovered by more Facebook likes.

In the world of print, the latest issue of PC Powerplay has an advert on it, which Neogaf spotted, that shows off a black page with some infamous words on it, “YOU DIED”, something that plenty of Dark Souls players can tell you about when they’re not gently rocking themselves in a foetal position.


Looks like all those tens of thousands of signatures have paid off for eager PC fans. But much like my favourite wrestler used to say before he started hitting people for real in UFC, “Here comes the pain!”.

Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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