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Mad Moxxi returns for the Borderlands 2 Valentines day DLC

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February, the month of lurve. To many, it’s all about Valentines day. For me, it’s a month in which I realise that I don’t have to buy anything for my left hand except a new wig. Borderlands 2 is getting in on that cupid action, with some new DLC. Here’s what you‘ll find inside the romance of acid-tipped bullets.

Having already pimped the loot ‘n shoot sequel last year with the holiday specific Thanksgiving DLC, Gearbox is back with a new piece of themed content that is all about getting rednecks and Irish alcoholics to stop fighting for one day.

Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre is a new Headhunter DLC pack where the top-heavy bar owner and her Innuendo Bot 5000 are trying to get the Zaffords and Hodunks to stop all the fighting. Of course, this Valentines Day Massacre isn’t going to end in hugs and kisses, so expect plenty of bullets to be fired before the first box of cheap chocolate is finished.

Borderlands 2 valentines

There’s new cosmetic gear in store in the DLC, which will set you back US$2.99/£2.39/€2,99. Remember to get it before April so you can avoid all that nasty VAT that is on the way.

As much fun as Borderlands 2 is, I’m pretty much done with the game. I’ve clocked over a 120 hours inside the world of Pandora, and I’m kind of keen for Gearbox to start work on the inevitable sequel. Hell, I’ve even got some great ideas for a few new classes!

Like the Duke Nukem class, which has specific skill trees called All out of gum, Shake it baby and Hail to the king. C’mon Gearbox, call me, we’ll talk business. You have my number, so stop ignoring me dammit!

Also, if anyone would like to dress up as Mad Moxxi for me, that’d be the bestest ever Valentines Day for me.

Last Updated: February 6, 2014

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