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Madworld Has Co-op – Can this game get any better?

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MadWorld Co Op One of the latest Madworld trailers has quite the little surprise in it.

Apparently we are going to be able to engage in some multiplayer co-op action in the black and white gore fest that is Madworld.

I am still not convinced by Madworld but the more I see of it the more interesting it looks and the more excited I am getting about the game.

Though I may be the only person who doesn’t like the black and white theme and would much rather they developed the game using a cell shading style or even a simple old world comic style… The lack of real colour disturbs me.

Check the entire trailer out below and stand it awe at my screenscraping skills to get that image above… Nick should never have shown me how to use

Last Updated: February 23, 2009

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