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MAG Beta Gameplay Footage

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The MAG Beta is currently underway and as usual someone has decided to leak some gameplay footage.

First impressions are that the game looks awesome and the lag seems incredibly good. The sniper section in the beginning is pretty boring from all aspects apart from seeing how well MAG and the PSN are handling the lag in such a large game.

A little later on we get to see you parachuting in to save the day and also using a Battlefield Bad Company styled syringe to heal yourself.

All in all I am very impressed, as the video was buffering I was really worried that my first true ingame look at MAG would leave me disappointed but everything looks great.

The stages are huge, there is a ton of action and the game appears to react perfectly to it.

I would suspect the sniper rifle to be weakened prior to going live though and possibly a little more visiblity being given about who is your enemy and who isn’t, granted it takes away realism but it makes the game more entertaining for those of us who aren’t so awesome at these games.

Source: YouTube

Last Updated: August 20, 2009

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