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I have known a few people who have taken days off work following launches of major games. How else are you supposed to dedicate hours to gameplay when things like work get in the way? Well, Major Nelson is on your side, and has a doctor’s note for you so you can play Xbox One.

It really is rather cute. You can go on over to the Xbox site, fill in the blanks, and send a note from M.Nelson, M.D., X.B.1 explaining that you need 1-3 days off work (or other activities) in order to take a heavy dose of Xbox One. Considering that some of you are importing your Xbox One from overseas, I’m sure you’ll want to make use of this for next week – you can’t celebrate the launch from work.

You know what’s disturbing? You can even be excused from date nights or “sexy time” with this note. Really? I know Xbox One has haptic feedback with those sexy vibrating triggers, but no launch title is awesome enough to make me wanna pass up sexy time. Now, when TitanFall launches, things might change…

Here’s my sample sick note for your enjoyment. I particularly like the side effects.

Sick note

Last Updated: November 22, 2013

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