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My life long nightmare is about to come true. People who know me know I have a terrible aversion to cameras and will do just about anything to avoid being in the front of one. However when the producers of a local current affairs program asked if I’d be willing to chat about local eSports and the MSSA I couldn’t really say no.

So this big TV van arrived at my house and the brightest spotlight known to man was shoved in my face and I was asked a whole series of questions around the local industry, players, sponsors and the beleaguered MSSA.

To be honest I can’t even remember what I said but I’ve been assured that words were said and opinions were given. So please do join me on the couch at 7pm on Sunday evening to watch Fokus on SABC 3. It’s an Afrikaans current affairs program but I spoke in English and apparently I will be subtitled. Would be great if a bilingual person could make sure the sub titles match what I say before I end up in another court case.

For those who don’t have TV reception, which is an inordinate number of geeks, I will try get a YouTube version up sometime next week. I do know they were in contact with the general secretary of the MSSA to be on but I’m not sure if that ever materialised. Who knows the mythical president may even make an appearance.

There will definitely be some face time from a MSSA gamer though as we can see from their Facebook page.

I wonder how Mweb feel that the IeSF has been given more importance than they have in this video interview? Yes I’m stirring. Sue me.

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Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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