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Yes another glitch in Grand Theft Auto V online and again it is all about making more money. Now obviously making money is an issue in the game as the amount of these glitches that can be found is quite incredible.

However this one is by far the easiest to exploit and the most profitable and that is also why Rockstar has apparently threatened anyone doing it with a GTA ban –  and they’re talking to Microsoft to make it a full account ban.

According to Eskimopress Rockstar made the following announcement on a customer care call

We’re aware of the issue and until we can fix it, we’ll ban anyone with a history of abusing this design flaw. It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience. We’re in discussion with Microsoft, too, to escalate these bans from online privileges to user accounts as a statement against these antics. We don’t expect any outrage from the law-abiding player base who haven’t devalued others’ items and hard-work with an exploit – these the customers we are proud to help.

So what’s this glitch that has gotten Rockstar so worried? Well it revolves around reselling your own personal vehicle to Los Santos Customs over and over.

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Sounds simple enough but you have to do it in a very precise way – and here is a video to show you how that is.

How do these guys find this?

Last Updated: October 15, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Gavin Mannion

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  • Admiral Chief Ninja

    So, Veeektaaawwwr did the Lagz quiz, and scored horribly (12/30)

    What shall his punishment be?

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Make him wear a banana suit!!!

      • RapturedMossel

        That’s hardly a punishment…that’s a privelage!!

        • Admiral Chief Ninja

          Make him wear a banana suit, after jim-banana walked around in it for a day!

          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            That’s hardly a punishment… THAT’S A PRIVILEGE!!!!

          • RapturedMossel


          • RapturedMossel

            And then make him beg someone to peel the suit off!

          • Admiral Chief Ninja

            Hehe, “peel” and another man’s suit.

          • RapturedMossel

            Just say it in afrikaans: “Kan jy dalk my piesang skil?”

      • RapturedMossel

        And there’s the reasons.

        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

          Banana SUIT FTW

          • RapturedMossel

            IKR! You dont happen to know where I can buy one of those badboys in Cape Town? It’s like R300 on ebay…

    • Hammersteyn

      He has to play Ride to Hell: Retribution on PC,Xbox and PS3

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    As tempting as it is to use these glitches, I am always aware of the ban hammer! But here’s the thing, we’re all getting half-a-million dollahs soon, why would anyone cheat?

    • Admiral Chief Ninja


    • and why are we getting 500k?

    • xRGxCareless

      Even though we get 500k, it does not replace the times the the accounts have been reset. I was making legit money and earned enough to buy the 400k apartment not including what cars I did buy. Now with 500k that barely pays for an apartment once and maybe a cheap car….. I have been reset 3 times because they cannot get their stuff fixed…. What makes 500k so worthy when they have taken more than that from us?

      • keith

        Simple solution. buy the 200k apartment because it is exactly the same as the 400k apartment. Also, You have too much time on your hands

    • Chris Lewis

      Ok, heres my question. I RECIEVED over 100 million from whom I assume is a hacker. Everything else I have in my account, I got legit, sooo, does that mean I get the hammer?

  • TiMsTeR1033

    Ah looks comfy

    • Skyblue

      Breaking Bad Bitch!!

      • TiMsTeR1033

        Is it from Breaking bad?

        • Skyblue

          Yeah. It was a huge pile of money they were lying on.

          • derpington

            more like a huge pile of fat

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Wait, ban the account?

    I am so sure that isn’t legal in any way at all. Ban from the online portion of the game sure. Ban the user’s xbox account in total? No ways that would stand in court

    • Weanerdog

      Always read terms and conditions. You might find that you are probably only hiring your account from them and that they can terminate at will.

      • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

        Still not legal I’m sure to ban an entire account for an infringement on one game. But yeah, those draconian T&Cs

        • Sting-Ray

          Still… ‘legitimate’ users probably don’t want glitching scum on the service at all – whether or not they’re only glitching one game. Ban the accounts!

          • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

            Ban from that game’s multiplayer sure. Not everything

          • Sam

            Did you ever actually read the Xbox Live Terms & Conditions when you signed up? I’m guessing you just clicked “I Agree” & went on your way like most people do. If you had read it, you would probably remember reading “Inappropriate in-game behavior (scamming or cheating)” as one the reasons for having your Xbox Live account suspended. You can verify this on Xbox.com via Home>Support>Xbox Live>Xbox Live suspensions & console bans. Currently, Rockstar is only doing in-game bans, but they’re in the process of involving Microsoft.

          • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

            Don’t have an xbox. Just pointing out that those T&Cs are actually not legal in most countries as you cannot be banned globally for infringing on one game.

            Game1 is made by developer X and you have paid for it.
            Game2 is made by developer Y and you have paid for it.

            Game 1 has its own EULA
            Game 2 has its own EULA

            XBoxLive has its own EULA

            You infringe in muliplayer in Game1. That breaks the EULA for game1 and XBoxLive, but not the EULA of Game2.

            So XBoxLive can block access to Game1 (online features only as they have no right to block your access to SP portions of any game for any reason as it’s against the law as you paid for it) but they cannot block you access to Game2 where you have not infringed on any EULAs for THAT game.

            So if they globally block your access in total you actually have a legal stance to take them on to demand that they give you access to any game you have not broken any EULA’s.

            Terms and conditions cannot be against or at odds with ANY constitutional rights or rights of ownership.

            So yeah, it’s in the T&Cs, but it ain legal to block you globally. Only partially and only for the part of the EULA you broke PER game/service.

          • TiMsTeR1033

            Cheating players are going to be put into 1 month waiting period. A lobby full of cheaters.


          • Sam

            The problem is that you’re looking at this situation as if each individual game & their XBL servers are sovereign entities, but that’s not true at all. We’re not talking about the right to play a game you paid for & own the rights to play, we’re talking about a right to access Xbox Live. If you break a rule that is only a rule within a game, then Microsoft cannot interfere. If you break a rule that is both within the game & a general rule of Xbox Live, then Xbox Live is well within their rights to punish you. You don’t own Xbox Live, you rent access to it, given that you obey the rules. If you break XBL’s T&C Agreement, they can legally ban you. As long as the T&C’s don’t infringe on any legal rights (which they don’t–you can still play any game without accessing XBL, & I can guarantee that not being able to play a portion of a game due to the ban would not hold up in court as legal grounds to lift the XBL ban–it’s like trying to sue a jail because you were unable to vote while you were waiting to get out of jail for a drunk & disorderly–your fault).

            Think of it in terms of renting an apartment. Let’s say that like me, you live in a ‘no smoking’ apartment & have signed a lease agreeing to this, but decide to smoke some weed inside it anyway. Your landlord (Rockstar) is within their rights to evict you for a breach of contract. But the fact that you’ve already been punished by your landlord doesn’t change the fact that smoking weed is illegal, & the police (Microsoft) are still well within their rights to arrest you for it, & keep you from being able to go to any other apartments until you’re out of jail. The fact that you may still have legal access to those other apartments (games) doesn’t change that fact that you’ve been arrested by a higher authority for something unrelated to those other apartments.

          • sixfearstheseven

            That was a great way of explaining this situation. Well done.

          • Sam

            Thank you!

          • derpington

            couldn’t’ve said it better myself.

          • Rockstar Rolled

            i hope your some how correct

          • Hi there

            Scamming and cheating still isn’t glitching. Glitching is taking privilege of the games defaults and this is why they aren’t able to bann any accounts glitching. Ps : Rockstar did not state that any infringement by “glitching” is illegal. =)

          • Sam

            I do agree with that completely. A glitch in a game is another way of saying a screw up by fault of the developer. If you don’t want people to make infinite amounts of money with ease, do a better job of beta testing your game before you release it to tens of millions of people. Can you imagine if Bungie banned everyone who glitched in Halo 2? It would have ruined everything that made that game so much fun

            My point was just that what is considered “cheating” is very subjective, & Rockstar/Microsoft are the authorities on how to define it, unless someone actually does take them to court over it. Even then I don’t see a single person beating a multimillion/billion dollar corporation over the subjective interpretation of the terms & conditions that they wrote.

          • derpington

            would be nice if they permaban EVERYONE WHO MODDED, CHEATED AND EXPLOITED ONLINE PLAY..(remember borderlands? ugh.

          • jake

            I like glichers on the game, some random dude gave me $180,000,000 for doing nothing at all… My online life is now great because of a friendly glitcher

      • marshall

        The fact that people have been reset after so much effort over and over again…i think the glitch is more than fair. they should at least just remove all our money or even the glitched cars…but seriously an account ban? -_- i doubt that bc rockstart and microsoft will lose money and they loooove money

    • gmoney

      they did it with call of duty once you mod your on the shit list and never get off it so enjoy your freedom while you can once you get your xbox one enjoy your ban 😉

      • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

        Hey troll. I don’t own an XBox

      • derpington

        but…people who play cawwadooty black cops don’t have a life…

    • derpington

      u mad bro?

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    How exactly did they test making an infinite amount of money, and have they won a Nobel prize for it?

    • Weanerdog

      What is infinity – infinity +1 anyway?

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Pi. And no one can prove me wrong. 😀

      • fred

        its still infinity

      • fred

        but good try with the trick Q

  • Vampyre Squirrel

    Crazy, I’ll stick to playing in a legit way.

    But is running someone over with a car to steal their bicycle legit? hehehehe

    • TiMsTeR1033

      So is stealing other players money!

      • Vampyre Squirrel

        lol! I didn’t steal anyone’s money!

        I just shot a crew member in the face… and collected my $100. BWAHAHAHA

  • Jrod950

    For a game that encourages lying, cheating and stealing I’m surprised this is a problem. The whole point of the game is to get ahead any way possible. This is a glitch not a hack. No code is being changed. Not only that but should you gain $10 mil what does it get you at a low level? Nothing but a cool apartment and car. The guns and tanks don’t get unlocked until later levels and this glitch doesn’t let improve xp

    • derpington

      eagerly awaiting your ban

      • random34

        don’t worry, derpington is just another one of the Brainwashed and Butthurt Rockstar Fanboy drones,

  • lols

    A full account ban is way over the line. Who the hell does Rockstar think they are? They need to make an official statement first before dishing out bans. If my 7 year old account gets banned then I’ll be sure to buy all future rockstar games used. They can seriously go to hell.

    • Jessup702

      If you’re buying a game like this for your 7yr old you need your parenting rights revoked. You can go to hell for making me babysit your kid online ! P.o.s parent

      • no

        He meant an account that he has had for 7 years. Please read a bit more carefully

      • jp

        i have to agree GTA V is NOT a game for 7 yr olds…have you paid any attention to the content of this game? drugs, violence, killing stealing, hell theres a cut scene where a woman is getting raped….sounds like you need to get your head out of your ass and start spending time with your kid instead of letting xbox babysit for you… yea I agree: TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT PARENT.

      • andrew

        He’s not talking about a kid. When he says 7 year account, he means he’s had the account for 7 yrs, ie: 7yrs of tenure

      • snuff film producer

        I’m pretty sure he ment 7 yr old account.

      • Rockstar Rolled

        your stupid he clearly said his account was 7 years old and mine is 10 and if i get full account ban ill crash rockstar youll see.

      • Crazy


        • Jessup702

          You mad bruh… Time to change that tampon

    • Guest

      I hope your kid gets sent to foster care

    • derpington

      read xbox live terms please before typing your derpy sentence.

      • random34

        don’t worry, derpington is just another one of the Brainwashed and Butthurt Rockstar Fanboy drones,

        Yes, Rockstar is the big bigot when it comes to game developers, the biggest sh1t d1<k there is in the game industry.

  • Hoof

    “It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience. ”

    So will allowing players to “purchase” cash via the Shark Card…
    The only difference is that Rockstar will be getting paid…
    It’s all about the $$$…has nothing to do with player fairness or hard work…

    It’s also a pride issue…getting their a$$ kicked inside their own game…embarrassing I’m sure…

    • guesto

      THIS! This is EXACTLY what it is!!!!!!

      • derpington

        not really..u mad bro? cant play the game without exploits?

        • random34

          don’t worry, “derpington” is just another butthurt brainwashed rockstar fanboy who can’t accept the facts/reality laid out before him, he’s stupid enough to waste months of his time trying to scratch up even the minimum ammount required for desired unlockables/purchases while rockstar gives it to him like a dropped prison soap bender (with the inflated prices of ammo, armor, cars, car mods, guns, gun mods, death bills, car insurance, apartments/garages, contact services, and much much more) all of which erase any of that disgusting scratch money that you “earn” from the (what hilarious rockstar fanboys call) “fair” play (aka- playing the game while wasting months of your life struggling to get even a single desired unlockable/purchase)

          It’s a video game, Not real life, Not a Job,

          Derpington is defintiely Mad, Trolololol, He’s got problemzzz,

  • Chris Jenkins

    This is Crazy!!!!! I have to make sure I don’t go over board lol

    Click Here(Gamer Developers Only) http://vur.me/s/Unleash

  • Smokey

    So, they make an online game where you can’t make a lot of money, they change the values of upgrading your vehicles and garages to make it extremely expensive, then they want to charge you extra to get online money and they think exploiting a glitch is theft?

  • edomon007

    Will R* ban PS3 Players who use this gltich too?

    • Are You Stupid?

      No shit, dumbass.

    • derpington

      please be trolling

  • shauny

    I saw the video on you tube and didn’t try it because I knew we are getting $500,000 anyway from rock star. I also don’t like to cheat or I don’t like to see people cheat.

  • Nicolas Martinez

    everybody who does this is a straight pussy fagg, yall cant hustle on yo own and get dat paper, need them fucking gay ass glitches, pussy ass nerds

    • Brian Murphy
    • Thankfully not Nicolas Martine

      This comment was utterly retarded. So idiotic, it saddens me.

      • pathetic

        Is*. Your poor choice of vocabulary in that response indicates your lack of intelligence just as well as his, except you’re more pretentious. So idiotic, it saddens me.

    • Alex

      I can’t be the only person on here that read this and instantly thought “High School Drop Out”…

      • Johan du Preez


    • bandit766

      I think some people missed the GTA reference in this comment :/

      • Vampyre Squirrel

        They missed it like a botched drive by.

      • Brian Murphy

        Hate to break it to you, but GTA wasn’t the first place that the term ‘paper’ has been used as an analogy for money. And I’m pretty sure the reference wasn’t the issue, it’s virtually everything else surrounding the reference that’s the issue.

        People who feel the need to use sexual orientation in a derogatory fashion, in order to emphasize displeasure are pretty much worth nothing to me, and deserve all of societies derision.

  • slippery nipple

    law abiding players???!?! the game is based of criminal activity. rockstar should just revers the time on the game system to when people started glitching and they should stop bitching

  • Brendan Watson

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  • travis

    Get paid every time someone tries a Free product?


  • Danielq Smith

    All that bullshit just to cheat your way to money? Meh. It defeats the purpose. Much more fun to earn your cash doing things, IMO. If you cheat for unlimited money, what’s the point.

    • because

      The point is you don’t have to waste time grinding out cash just to obtain what you could get almost immediately so you could actually begin to enjoy the game. The only purpose being defeated here is the requirement of saving ridiculous amounts of money and deterring the amount of entertainment you could be having by grinding tediously instead of actually doing what you want in the game. That’s the point.

  • Lee Everett

    come at me rockstar

  • Tim

    Hey everybody, I’m looking for people to play GTA V ONLINE with. PS3 only. I’m looking for people to do missions with and rob stores for money. I will split whatever cash from stores if you want. I also want people who WON’T KILL ME on sight, we will work as a team. If you are interested my ps3 gamer tag is redking12896 I am currently level 31 and I level up pretty fast and I have a $217000 apartment so that when heists are available we can do them. Any level character will be fine, but I prefer level 15+ so you can do survival. If you do want to join me, then remember not to kill me or attack me. I only want teammates.

    • OmarChristie

      Sounds good to me… my tag is BYBYOFCR keep an eye out for me and we’ll team up

    • Philip Melton

      Friend me summahl33

  • Jim D

    good keep those modding fags off of xbox they should get there entire xbox banned

    • Johan du Preez

      Modding ? What are you on about you can only mod on PC and the last time I checked GTA V is not on pc.

      They call this a glitch, its a bug(glitch) in the game that was missed by the developers and someone found it and is using it to make more money ….

  • Juan Barea Gonzalez

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  • Uh-what?

    The game is about stealing things and being a criminal. The online portion is all about making money and making it any way possible. Some players found an easier and fast way to make it. Shit this isn’t a game about holding a 9-5 job…….

  • jedi98

    you dont need to do this when you are getting the 500,000 this month…

  • Gold digger

    I tried the exploit once to see if it worked and I already had an adder and ex finite with the 230k apartmentf will they still punish players like this by taking away all their stuff?

  • Sucker Born in 321

    “It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience…”

    But if you pay us for the money instead, then that somehow *wont* disbalance the economy!

    yeah. whatever…

  • Sucker Born in 321

    “It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience…”

    But if you pay us for the money instead, then that somehow *wont* disbalance the economy!

    yeah. whatever…

  • tom

    haha Microsoft thinks just bc they band someone you will not do it again haha we can make new accts for free haha and Microsoft has no reason to band people bc we pay to play they have a logo on the xbox but we pay to have it and if you read the book that you get with the xbox it never said you can not mod the xbox the way you want it 🙂

    • LaCrika De TuMai

      What instrument do you play?

      • Crazy



    BULLSHIT.. stop being so jealous that im rich high class player while ur dirt poor doing my errands.. u poor.. poor.. dirt grubs. someone give these players welfare check cus they couldnt fig out how to make it in life HAHAHAHAHA!! this is why the rich keep on getting richer cus ur STUPID! its so easy to be rich in life and rich in a game…. hahahahaahahahah poor scumbags ur like maggots in a trash bag. poor dirty piece of shit

    • Stalerin

      What the fuck is your problem?

    • Fel

      Trolling troll be trolling

  • Vi James

    The cars are over priced and the only real legit way to get them is to grind. Grinding isn’t fun! They’re holding out on the heist missions, you know, one of the most interesting aspects of the gta online trailer. Assholes… it is a good game though.

  • rockstar and hackers fucked me

    so what happens? if your account got hacked and when you got it back you had a level 90 character and 50 million dollars

  • Avild

    just change your xbox live name they wont know its you they will think its some other account all you have to do is change your name then go on diffent wifi for a hour then go back to your wifi and bam you not going to get ban

  • kev


  • Lionel Leutz

    pa pa pa patched

    • Philip Melton

      nope still works like a champ right now

  • Jvict

    “Disbalancing the economy”, isn’t that exactly what the microtrancactions will do?

  • Steven Thomas

    fake. nobody has been banned. nor is rockstar banning anyone. stop basing your finding off hearsay from other game forums and actually do some investigative journalism.

  • random34

    [Reading from the “quote” APPARENTLY by “Rockstar”]

    Disgusting and pathetic, “disbalancing the economy”? uhh… no… the amount of money you have doesn’t affect other players or give you any advantage over them… the only advantage they could ever gain with money is using highly modded expensive vehicles in races, and those are only Once they’ve themselves won enough to unlock such mods FAIRLY from the bottom like everyone else through wins, and if Custom vehicles are Enabled which is OPTIONAL..

    “against the antics” banning people for THEIR OWN MISTAKE? they are responsible for the final product, if they released the game with this so called “glitch” in it then THEY are responsible and the party at fault, anywho, i’m sure that if this so called “glitch” wasn’t in the game (or any other DECENTLY appropriate money earning methods) then GTA Online would’ve already been abandoned by all players SICK OF HOW disgustingly Time wasting/Slow/HARD IT IS TO GET MONEY, and how EXPENSIVE everything is, This is a Video game, Not Real life.

    “We don’t expect any outrage from the law-abiding player base who haven’t
    devalued others’ items and hard-work with an exploit – these the
    customers we are proud to” …by “Law-abiding” players they clearly mean the ones who are stupid enough to waste months of their time struggling just to reach even the $100,000 mark, (which is piss poor basically broke money compared to the required expenses, ammo,armor,cars,mods,weapons,clothes,apartments/garages,death bills, etc.

    “who haven’t devalued others’ items and hard-work with an exploit – these the
    customers we are proud to help”… By “devalued” they obviously mean what the Smart players have gotten for themselves instead of the “others items and “hard-work” that was wasted months of real time life to get. By “proud to help” they mean the players they are GLAD/PROUD to screw over into submission/misery until they buy cash cards or waste months of their time trying to achieve Anything on their game. So rockstar thinks players should submit to it’s disgustingly slow miserably poor grinding system of pitifully/inappropriately low amounts of money/xp because they know after the wasted weeks and months of attempts the frustrated and cash deprived players will be forced to buy their pathetic cash cards with real money.

    Never in all my years as a gamer have i been more disgusted or sickened by a game developer as much as Rockstar.

  • WildKarrde

    Yeah, I made about $2mil doing this. So what? I didn’t go out searching for bug exploits. I bought the cheapest garage I could so that I could store high value cars so that I had a backup if I couldn’t find one when it was time to sell again. I got sick of being ganked almost every single time I got out of the garage after selling a car so I started finding a new server as soon as the car sold. It actually took me a few times of doing this before I realized my car was resetting in my garage.

    Days later, after I put a Felon GT into my garage, I figured I would upgrade it slightly so that it didn’t look like crap… and found out that upgraded cars sold for even more, so I maxxed it out. Why wouldn’t I?? I still played the rest of the game, but I had the golden goose. I didn’t search it out, it found me. I didn’t mod my PS3, I didn’t scour online forums looking for cheats. In fact, I didn’t even know it was so popular until just now, since after the fact I was curious how many other people had found it. Even with using this method, I didn’t make nearly as much money as some of the other players I have been in games with. Rockstar would lose a pretty faithful customer if they were to ban my account at this point for a mistake they made in their programming.

    • Bang

      R* messed up their programming..they should just patch it up & move on. Almost everyone who grinds the online won’t be there for long since they’ll lose the fun it & go play the next new hot game soon enough.

      Also, think of the massive outrage this would cause. R* would almost immediately lose their high valued position in gamer’s hearts and as a result, future sales. They would lose loyalty, loyalty that cannot be bought….the same loyalty that made them 1 bil in 3 days…all in the hopes of selling some cash cards?

  • owen erdogan

    lol go ahead i will be out to play other coming out games in my next gen i wont miss a thing ..

  • Ace731

    The game is Grand theft auto! The point is to steal and cheat to earn money!

  • Brett

    Umm I did the glitch but now I wanna not have the glitch money so please take it back 🙁 and forget this ever happened

  • Kalia

    This whole thing cracks me up. The game is all about lying, cheating and stealing! And cheating in the game grinds their gears! Whatevs.

  • Philip Melton

    they Programmed the Game and left the glitches in there if they do not want people Glitching for cash then fix the Glitch!!!!! as it stands now Either you glitch or get left in the dirt by the people who are glitching and it would take months to get any real cash now since they halved the reward for repeat missions now FUck let them start Banning and If Microsoft Bans people from ever using xbox live again that would be Microsofts Problem not the users who gives a fuck I have a ps3 anyway also and can switch to the Ps3 if xbox tries that shit

  • Anonymous

    That’s so dumb, just let people do the glitch >-> Getting money in GTA online is a bitch to get. And disrupting the economy? Okay yes cashier i’ll pay 20 dollars for smokes that serve no purpose. So Rockstar, pisswasser off.

  • jake

    If R* wasn’t dropping the amount of money earned in missions to get people to pay real $ for BS GTA $ maybe they wouldn’t have this problem. I watched Violent Duct go from 9000, to 3000 after a patch, and now 1500 after the last patch, and another mission that was paying out 1000+ drop to 500 as of 27 Oct. As well costs are being added, with hospital bills every time you are killed by an online troll with nothing better to do but whack people in free mode, the new 200 per day you loose in mechanic and apt utility fees, and anything else R* decides to add as an expense. The problem is there already with players that got an early glitch start and are roaming the game with RPGs and grenade launchers, and lower levels a micro Uzi. I say let the lower level players starting out have a chance, since most were locked out due to R*s jacked up online issues, leave people alone and fix the glitch if R* doesn’t like it. This is causing a balance rather than an in balance to me. People pay $60 for this game, and R* wants you fork out more money just for in game cash. That is the real issue with this.

    • Brian

      People like you don’t realize what balancing is. The hell is the point of playing a game with bloated mission payouts that have you finish the game in a couple of days? Pointless…

      They are nerfing the rewards not to make people buy cash cards (which aren’t even available on the PS3) they are doing it to keep people playing the game, and good on them because the peeps farming those missions get everything they want in a couple of days, spend another couple of days going around trolling with high end stuff then get bored and stop playing the game. It’s nothing new, games have been doing this for years and it directly benefits every legitimate player in the game. The cash card thing is just an added bonus for them…also intended for BALANCING.

      But you, just like the rest of the people who think they know what they’re talking about on the internet are just too self-entitled and one-track-minded to realize what’s going on outside of your cynical little bubble.

  • jake

    I don’t think they should be able to “ban” people. I payed for my game which means I should be able to to do what I want and Microsoft can’t ban me because I’ve payed for my membership wich means they have to let my time expire

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ban hammer? what a joke. There’s dudes driving around with purchased tanks.

  • I have read the article and the responses from XBox owners and I have this to say. Ahahahahaha! Pay to play online and threats to be banned from online play if you don’t play the way Microchit tells you to. Morons…………

  • DCprophet .

    its freaking true some hacker sent me 237 million. it makes you lose things to do in the game very fast. Now when the heists come along ill just be doing them to do them. you only need about 20 million in this game to do everything, not 237 million. I will always ride for Rockstar Games because they are creative geniuses and are able to bring us an amazing game like GTA. Im an ultimate GTA fan so I will never get bored with the game in an overall standpoint ,although the money hack ruined my online experience as far as earning the more high end stuff. don’t get me wrong I already earned an honest living, I already had a premium apartment with several modified regular and premium sports cars but when someone gave me that money, it was good for the first few minutes but then I thought about it, he just gave me everything in a game that’s about earning, think about it folks.

  • DCprophet .

    so in all fairness I hope I don’t get banned because I was given that money by someone in an open lobby.

  • FiipFlop

    Rockstar you money grabbing bullying muppets.If you were’nt so greedy you’d have sorted the glitch out before it went online.Hypocrites,the game is about making money anyway you can.I for one will never buy a rockstar game again if they ban for there incompetence.And i urge you all to do the same.
    Tango down

  • bs

    soo your going to ban people off xbox for just a broken game you flawed, little extreme… and if people dont get the message, theyre fucked?

    • urbs

      they should know better than cheat and not have bad things happen for doing so. that is the way life has always worked no matter what you do.

  • dealwithit

    I hope everyone who cheated to get money gets reset to 0. Play the game right and stop going out of your way to find a way to cheat. Going through all those sets isn’t something rockstar would have thought out over and over. If it was something glitched where you could just keep hitting the sell button really fast I could see that. But when you are going through 10 weird steps to do it you are abusing the system and should be punished. I wouldn’t even call that way a glitch when you have to do so many things to cheat.

  • random34

    Trolololol, Butthurt rockstar fanboy cultist weirdo’s are the one’s pissing and moaning for anyone who found a way to get money or ranks faster to be banned or reset.

    You’re such a numbnut if you thinking anyone besides modders/hackers should be banned or reset. U butthurt and mad that some people were smart enough to realize that the “fair way” as you call it of playing rockstar’s Pathetic system would take months just to get to even the first desired unlocks or purchases? It’s a clear as day concept that they designed it to try and force players into eventually buying cash cards after getting fed up with the pathetically poor progress rate. This is a video game, not a 9-5 Job. This is GTA, Not an MMORPG, U butthurt and mad?
    If you want gameplay that takes you months to get to even the first thing you wanted to unlock/or save up to buy then go play an MMORPG or stop playing games entirely and treat your 9-5 job (if you even have one Trolololol) as a “video game”. Pathetic.

  • Arthur

    Yeah, use a fail, an exploit from the game is ”disbalancing the economy” but sell dollars on real money market for any kid who haves the money is ok.

  • Michael Wilson

    okay well with this glitch u can do it .. but u also can pimp out your cars and sell them too the suv will make more money and there are a lot of other cars tht sell more too. rockstar made there mistakes for online for gta. they made too many glitches for every rockstar game out there. and now there are people modding it online which they should get banned for life

  • Ok Then

    Ugh I did the very first bike glitch spent the money and replaced the cars now will i get banned?

  • John doe

    So pretty much it “corrupts” the economy yet rock star is willing to allow players to give them money for fake money by buying money packs? That makes absolutely no sense. Just another way for rock star to make more money on top of the billion they’ve already made.

    • YouHanoiMe

      What’s wrong with making money, billions even? You do it in-game. Rockstar just happens to know how to do it in real life.

  • johnny

    GTA 5 DNS Codes Working After Patch 1.09 watcht he video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPRlKC9UZwU

  • Diogo

    very very patched we are on the version 1.11 idiot.. that is on version 1.06



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    • Anthony Smith

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  • Francisco

    Can u do this glitch with the zentorno ?

  • jckhammr

    Rockstar wants to rape our pockets by forcing us to buy those stupid shark credit cards because they know the people who play this game are as patient as chimps with ADHD. don’t sugar coat things by saying you want to penalize people who are frustrated with your product because it almost demands you spend more money on the game to continue to have a decent amount of fun. When did you go Tony Montana on us Rockstar? You can have your cake and eat it too! Why not collectively use your noggins and introduce heist options and find a creative way to make it not so easy for every person playing GTA5 to reap millions for those jobs? I dunno, put a cap on how often those matches can be played or make them special event specific. Make it so heists must be done by a large amount of players and the cuts each player receives from the bigger pie wont hurt your little digital economy. stop screwing the people who have paid good money for your game, shove those shark cards up your assholes and around the corner, and put on the thinking cap. you can do this Rockstar! I believe in you!

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  • Weatherman 135

    Fricken easy

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  • Tylernel777

    Any gta money modders

  • Darina

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