Man alive it’s cold. You should buy yourself a Lazygamer beanie!

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Every morning at the moment we wake up and get on the company chat and Zoe complains about how hot it is in Arizona and we say horrible things to her about frozen nipples and things like that. And then one day someone said we should wear beanies to keep warm and one thing led to another and then all of a sudden we had Lazygamer beanies.

So I asked Darryn to make a quick video showcasing the beanies and instead he did this… which has left me at a loss for words.

So yeah what more can I really say… if you want one of these amazingly warm and unbelievably sexy beanies then head on over to our, very limited, merchandise site and place your order.

Buy me Now

Oh and if you are wondering about that mug in his hand we ordered those for run a while back and I’ve only got 3 left.. but if there is some demand let me know in the comments below and how much you think is a fair price for such awesomeness.

Last Updated: June 12, 2015

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