Mass Effect 3–better with Kinect

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According to the leaked box art for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 it’s going to be better with Kinect.

How it’s possibly going to be better with Kinect hasn’t been announced and the leaked box art was quickly replaced with something far less terrifying to the hardcore Mass Effect fans out there.

Luckily we are only going to need to wait a week before finding out if Kinect has been shoe horned into Mass Efffect 3 or implemented in a unique and amazing way but for now all we know is that it’s coming.

I’m hoping for the Kinect to be used as a voice received for when we need to chat up the alien ladies Joey style…

“Hey you big blue beautiful thing… how you doing…”

Granted it may take away from the core experience but it would be hilarious watching die hard fans like Nick being forced to schmooze up to an alien who can really see and hear him..

Yeah I’m kidding, I’m terrified that they’ve ruined the finale to what is roundly considered to be one of the best series of this or any generation.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: June 2, 2011

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I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

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