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In Mass Effect Andromeda, humans are the invading alien force

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Mass Effect Andromeda story details leak

Mass Effect might have been a trilogy about interplanetary politics and the hierarchy the human race found themselves embroiled with when discovering new galaxies, but it still managed to place humanity pretty high up on the food chain. Andromeda however, the start of a brand new sequel in what sounds like a different part of the universe, is flipping that notion on its head. Humans are the diplomatic, peaceful race this time. Instead, we’re the invasion.

That’s the idea you could strip from a recently leaked marketing survey for the third-person pace-bound RPG, which EA is gearing up to launch early next year. The questionnaire features a rather revelatory blurb which spills a lot about the direction and narrative Andromeda will tackle. You can read it in full below.

“Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way, where players will lead the fight for a new home in hostile territory – where WE are the aliens – opposed by a deadly indigenous race bent on stopping us.

“Experience the freedom to traverse and explore a planet-dense but seamless open-world galaxy, rich with discovery. Play as the leader of a squad of military-trained experts in an intense third-person shooter, with deep progression and customisation systems.

“This is the story of humanity’s next chapter, and player choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival in the Andromeda galaxy.”

The first paragraph is the most interesting, suggesting that humans are now the invaders to a strange new land that will have to be fought over for control. Does that make us the new bad guys? EA doesn’t think so, labelling the new alien races you’ll encounter as dangerous and hostile. Playing as the new Pathfinder protagonist, its your job to ensure colonisation goes smoothly. or something like that.

In addition to that, the blurb also makes reference to more free exploration, which could mean that flying between planets is a little more interactive than brining up a map and setting a course. Actually flying between float rocks of land could be captivating, and lend itself to new exploration mechanics beyond the strange Mako. That would be something.

Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to make a big splash during EA’s Play Event during E3 week in June, so and even bigger one when it reaches orbit by the very latest March next year. Its coming out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Last Updated: March 30, 2016

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