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Max Payne 3–The second official trailer

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Are you ready for some sexy Brazilian slow motion action and no I’m not talking about your last trip to the Lollipop Lounge but rather the second trailer released for the upcoming Max Payne 3 that gives us a lot more insight into the game itself and why you are once again wrecking havoc on the world.

We’ve had so many great trailers in the last week that it’s hard to keep up with them but in all honesty I have to say this one doesn’t move me as much as that Far Cry 3 one from yesterday.

But the difference is this one has been entirely rendered using in game footage and I for one can’t wait to bring justice into the Brazillian favella’s with my trusty assortment of weapons and super special ability of slowing down time.

What about you, are you excited for Max Payne 3?


Last Updated: February 17, 2012

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