Max Payne Movie rater PG-13?

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max-payne-movie Max Payne director John Moore has managed to pull a rabbit from his hat and get a PG-13 certification for the new Max Payne movie. Bearing in mind the game itself was rated R, and the movie claims to stay true to the experience, that’s rather impressive.

Moore was quoted as saying “I must say, and that’s what’s a little bewildering about this, I didn’t have to change much. We trimmed some frames more for the sake of trimming frames than anything, but we got the rating without any major changes at all. I’m a little surprised that we changed their minds, effectively, but I’m happy about it. It proves that if you stick to your guns and you have the creative, and dare I say moral sense, that you’re in the right, that you can get the right thing done.”

He also commented about what he calls the “Gamer’s Cut”  that will be released on DVD at a later stage.

“There’s what I call the Gamer Dedicated Cut of the movie. It’s a little slower and a little more atmospheric. There are some rougher edges on it, but it’s not going to be a bloodfest. I want this to be the Max Payne that I set out to shoot. It’s not that I wanted to release one version in the theaters and make a cheap buck by following up with a blood-drenched DVD version. The movie you see in the theaters will be an intense experience and the movie you see on DVD will be as intense an experience with some extra sensibilities for people who really adore the game.”

I understand that ratings are important especially for films, but I’d hate to see a final product not match up too the source material in order to appeal to a more lucrative audience.

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Last Updated: September 26, 2008

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