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Maxing out your Light Level in Destiny 2: Warmind is going to be a real grind

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There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ solid grind. The key here, is that you want a grind that feels rewarding. You want to feel like you’ve accomplished something that your lower-level past self was incapable of doing.

In many ways, Destiny 2 has always had a great progression system, but one that provides very little incentive to come back to once the ceiling has been reached.

Will Destiny 2’s upcoming Warmind expansion make the endgame grind any better? That’s debatable, but one thing is for certain: You’re going to have a hell of a time earning that maximum power available to you.

On the latest Bungie blog, senior designer Daniel Auchenpaugh detailed the power grind that players would face.

Auchenpaugh explained how Warmind’s soft level cap would max out at Light Level 340 for Guardians, with the remaining 40 points of power being earned not from Public Events and Clan Engrams, but rather consistent action in endgame activities over several weeks.

Basically, hitting 380 won’t be done in a single weekend. The actual grind from 370 to 380 will be even more tedious, a hard level cap that only the most dedicated of Guardians will be able to achieve. “Soft cap is the point you can climb to easily via drops from any source,” Auchenpaugh wrote.’

The hard cap is the power level you can obtain from weekly reward sources. The soft cap for Warmind is 340, and the hard cap is 380. These numbers don’t consider any +5 mods. Remember that all drops are calculated using your Best Possible Power, regardless of if you have the gear equipped or not. It can even be in the vault or on another character!

Our target is that players who participate in all the weekly activities should take several weeks to reach the hard cap. Raids/Trials grant the largest increases, clan engrams provide very small increases, and the other weekly sources fall between those two. Players who don’t participate in any group weekly activities are unlikely to hit the hard cap before the next release; dedicated omnivore players will hit it before players that just play Raids or Trials exclusively.

Additionally, the final 10 points from 370 to 380 will be significantly slower than 340 to 370; we expect it to take players roughly equal time to go from 340 to 370 as from 370 to 380. We decided to make this change because climbing to 370 allows you to tackle endgame content without suffering a severe under level penalty, but creates a significant accomplishment in achieving 380.

More details will be revealed on April 24 when Bungie shows off the first look at Destiny 2 in a livestream, with the full expansion out on May 8. It damn well better have a Destiny 2 version of Bad Juju that I can unlock.


Last Updated: April 20, 2018

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