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MechWarrior Online – All systems nominal

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Prepare to have a total mechgasm! Piranha has released a new MechWarrior Online open beta trailer, if this doesn’t make you want to get in there and create sweet mechshooting chaos, then I don’t know what will.

The beta went live on Friday after a couple of delays, but is in full swing now. Piranha president Russ Bullock commented last week that ““just because MWO is going Open Beta in no way means we are finished making the game or that we will even slowdown in the slightest.” He said that the team has at least nine months of work ahead of them.

I have to say that after checking out HAWKEN, it’s going to be super hard to choose which mechshooter to play. Both are free to play and both are absolutely amazing and fun. This might just be the most difficult decision of my life!

If you’d like to join the open beta, you can sign up here. In the mean time, here’s the very seductive trailer.

Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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