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This time last year, Evolve was so far off my radar. Sure I’d heard about the asymmetric multiplayer game, but it just didn’t seem worthwhile to me. Then I got to play it, and I was instantly hooked. I played it more at E3 and Gamescom, and I’ve decided that it will be my go-to multiplayer game when it launches. And now there’s yet another character on offer.

William Cabot is the latest support character to be revealed for Evolve, and we get some story/lore out of it, too.


Only one man could lead the desperate attempt to rescue he last of the remaining colonists from Shear: William Cabot. Long retired from planet taming, Cabot agreed to help and, with his robot partner Bucket, assembled the greatest team of Hunters in history.

Here are Cabot’s four abilities:

  • The Damage Amplifier – Cabot’s signature weapon locks on to its target, weakening its armor and its hide. All damage done to his target is doubled.
  • Radioactive Dust Tagging – On his command, his ship—the Laurie-Anne—drops an air burst of radioactive dust, highlighting every living thing in a 60-meter radius for twenty seconds. If the monster is in the dust’s area, not only is it unlikely to escape, it’s unlikely to live
  • The Rail Cannon – All support hunters have powerful weapons, Cabot’s is the only one that can shoot through solid rock. If he can see its outline, he can kill it. With clear line of sight, the Rail Cannon’s rounds can keep going. If line of sight is blocked, by trees, or buildings, or rock, or anything, the cannon’s projectile bursts into a cone 40 meters long. Anything in that cone takes half damage from the Rail Cannon
  • Cloaking – Of course this support has some stealth cloaking, too, making him able to run into dangerous areas and hide the medic when necessary.

And here is a video to show off what he can do. There’s even some dramatic gameplay shoutcasting.

Is Evolve one of the games that you’ll be picking up next year February? I have loved my time with it, but of course I’ve played under perfect conditions – with no lag (LAN setup), a team of game journalists or excited community and everyone using top end headsets. Without that level of communication, the game just can’t be as good. I vote we all play together so that we have the best chance of having awesome games. Lazygamer Evolves!

Last Updated: November 14, 2014

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