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Meet the infected of The Last of Us

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One of the PlayStation 3’s last great exclusives, The Last of Us, is nearly here and I believe it could truly be one of those titles that makes the PC master race head out to pick up a PS3, or at least head to a friend everyday to play this game.

In this latest video leading up to the release of the title we hear from the guys behind the scenes talking about their inspiration behind the game and the infected.

It’s not often that we are made to feel bad for the bad guys in a game and if they manage to pull it off like they are planning to it could be yet another one of those titles that stick in our minds forever.

I’m obsessed with the stage designs in the parts of the city that have been overtaken by nature, but I have to admit the character designs of the clickers freak me out.  Do. Not. Like.

Last Updated: May 7, 2013

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