Metro Last Light won’t be a rough diamond

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“We did listen to all the feedback,” THQ’s Mark Madsen said to Gamespot, referring to Metro 2033, 4A’s underappreciated survival horror FPS that many have called a “flawed masterpiece.” Metro Last Light will take the foundations set by 2033, and build on them.

“There were some issues with the stealth, our enemy AI, sometimes the weapons didn’t feel quite right, the ammunition as currency wasn’t clearly explained to everyone,” he admitted. “That – and then some – has all been taken into account, and we’re going down line by line and addressing it and making sure that when Metro: Last Light does ship, it isn’t considered a flawed masterpiece.”

On the subject of immersion, Madsen said they’ll be stripping the game’s HUD as much as possible, using audio-visual cues to clue gamers in to what’s happening. “I think that really is the final step in immersing you into this world. Really looking at this from the perspective of, how can we strip everything back and make the player feel like they’re completely immersed in the atmosphere?” he said. “It’s not to say that we’re going to ship the game entirely HUD-less, we’re tweaking that right now, but we just want to take a minimalist approach will making sure everything that is pertinent to the game is communicated effectively.”

“There are various means to communicate to the player,” he affirmed “without a HUD staring at them from the screen at all time. So there are audio and visual cues when you shoot one of your enemies. Sometimes that enemy might have heavy armour, and we’ll give you an audio cue, such as a pinging sound, so you know that you’re hitting armour and not flesh or vice versa.”

In our own Gamescom preview for the game,  4A’s Huw Beynon said their intention is to “Make the game more dynamic, and exceptionally constructed.”

Metro Last Light will hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year, with a Wii U version in the works as well.

Source : Gamespot

Last Updated: August 30, 2011

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