Michael Jackson Game: Coming Soon

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After the recent death of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, there have been many rumors floating around that MJJ Productions had plans to develop a game starring old Whacko Jacko.

Well the rumors have been just about altogether confirmed that in actual fact MJJ have been developing the game for several months already. Yeah and it features MJ’s likeness (although we’re still not sure which one they’re referring to) along with his apparently prerecorded speech.

As you could only expect, the title (whatever it may be) will also include a bunch of Jackson’s most popular hits.

Apparently the title will be available on both the Xbox 360 as well as PS3. Its also said to be released over this upcoming Christmas although I remember reading some rumors a while back about it only being available on the PS2; PS3 and Wii. This was allegedly because Sony owns the rights to the star’s music.

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Last Updated: July 13, 2009

  • Bacon

    Didn’t there used to be a MJ arcade game about 20 years ago or something?

  • Faheem

    Yep and it was called, Moonwalker. It was actually based on the Moonwalker movie starring MJ and there was a genesis game as well, i think by the same name but iv I remember correctly it was a 2D platformer as apposed to the almost 3D top angled view of the arcade title.

    The best part of the arcade game was that you got to turn MJ into a kick ass robot that blew everything apart with giant canons 😈

  • Yeah, the arcade version was an isometric top down (giving it a pseudo-3d feel) and was actually fantastic.

    The Megadrive/Genesis version was a different game, but fantastic in its own right.

  • Jimmytheediblewyrm

    Moonwalker was quite fun. 2D platformer, i think it was on Sega Megadrive or Megadrive 2 if im not mistaken. And you got too moonwalk all over baddies 😀

  • Darkling

    How old are you guys?! 😯

  • Faheem

    I’m like a fine wine: I don’t get older, only better :mrgreen:

  • Darkling

    Nice! I’m still a laaitjie..

  • WitWolfyZA

    Many people are speculating that its going to be the next singstar

  • Geoff’s a spring chicken compared to me…

  • There’s about a year difference, you old sod. 😛

  • Goose ZA

    Yar! I had it on my megadrive. Sweet game!

  • easy

    a year makes a big difference… 29 is great, but the build to 30 is not so great.

    unless you guys really are grumpy old men and are on the slippery slope to 40… sigh

  • Faheem

    Wow a Post on a Whacko Jacko game has lead to age bashing… of all the things in the world relative to MJ, somehow we’re stuck on our ages? 😯

    Somebody comment on the fact that bubbles, the aleggedly abused chimp used to run up to you in the Moonwalker game and give you your awesome robot skills. At least I think he did that… can anyone confirm? ❓

  • easy

    all i can remember is his special pirouette move was accompanied by his trade mark crotch grabbing screech… it annoyed the crap out of me.

    bubbles was abused btw… 😈

  • Q121

    I am not that old and I remember playing the jackson game on the sega….

    Didnt he save little children in it?

  • Faheem

    😳 I kinda figured but I didn’t want to sound too harsh – what with the death and all 🙄

  • Faheem

    I think he was – yeah he was, just like in the movie.

    “Annie Are You Okay…ARE YOU OKAY ANNIE?!”

    Yeah I know that line was actually about a little girl he was trying to rescue from Joe Peschie (and now I can’t spell his name). 😯

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