Microsoft announces Massive layoffs

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in_game_ad_massive2Microsoft today announced that it would be retrenching 30% of it’s Massive workforce as part of it’s cost cutting measures to bring it’s profits back to the dizzy heights previously achieved.

However before you get to worked up about Microsoft’s impending doom I should probably clarify that they are letting 30% of employees from their in-game advertising business, entitled Massive, go which is around 100 people. This is part of their previously announced goal to slim their workforce by 5000 people by mid 2009.

I am still a little unsure as to why the in-game advertising model has yet to take off, I know for sure that I would actually prefer to see real adverts when driving around Liberty City or stalking through towns in MW2.

I feel it brings a touch of realism to the game that would me it more immersive while branding me permanently with subliminal messages. It seems to be a perfect fit?

Source: Edge

Last Updated: May 7, 2009

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