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Microsoft details how the Xbox One X will improve games for 1080p TVs

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There’s very little point in investing in either a PlayStation 4 Pro or an Xbox One X if you don’t have the right hardware to use it in tandem with. These are consoles built for showing off, specifically that fancy new 4K TV that you just bought with money that was meant for a purchase of a BitCoin investment. Got a regular Full High Definition TV? Then there’s no real reason to spend extra on a box of interactive entertainment that gives you faux K visuals in return.

Or is there an actual reason?

With the Xbox One X box that contains an Xbox One X inside due for release soon, Microsoft wants to drive home a message that regardless of the TV you’re jamming on, their high-end console is going to deliver an “enhanced” experience. According to a new Microsoft video via The Verge, the Xbox One X Enhanced Program will result in games being optmised for that console. What does that mean for the average enthusiast?

Basically, that while HDR and 4K features aren’t a solid promise, the actual performance of the applicable game will be operating at a higher level of performance. September 21, 2017

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