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Microsoft giving away free Xbox 360's to students

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Are you a student? Do you want a free Xbox 360? Do you live in America, Canada or France… yeah it’s generally the last requirement that takes away all our fun.

But if you have said yes to all three of the above then Microsoft has some good news for you as they have decided that if you buy yourself a new PC from either themselves, Dell or HP before the 3rd of September they will throw in a free Xbox 360.

There are a few extra caveat’s, firstly the PC must cost at least $699 and you have to have a .edu email address. Which I guess means this applies to teachers as well?

If you don’t have a .edu email address you can still apply for the special by physically going to a store and showing them your student ID.

Why they are giving away gaming machines to students isn’t really clear but hey we just report on the news.

Also what did France do to get to be part of this promotion?

Source: VG247

Last Updated: May 20, 2011

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