Microsoft promises “biggest surprise ever” at E3

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They're announcing the Xbox Two.

We’re already getting pretty excited for this year’s E3. It’s about 100 days away – and we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing some of the first really, really next-gen games this year. Microsoft’s spinmasters are trying to get you pretty excited too, promising that they’ve got a significant ace up their sleeves.

According to one neoGAF forumite, Microsoft’s holding a competition at one of its Titanfall launches, where the first prize winner gets to go to E3 – and witness MS’s biggest surprise.

”Free food, drinks and $2,000 in prizes! First 50 people in line will receive a custom Titanfall t-shirt […]”, says a radio ad for the competition (via Dualshockers)“…one select winner will receive a free ride and ticket to this year’s E3 to witness Microsoft’s biggest surprise ever .

What on earth could that be? Right now, the biggest surprise would be for Microsoft to not screw up its marketing messages. I’m hoping it’s something really exceptional – like they’ve managed to wrest some incredible exclusives, or actually have that cloud of theirs deliver on its promises. Or switch focus to actual games. Maybe Microsoft’s cooking up a new mixed media subscription service, giving Xbox One owners all-you-can-eat games and video? I’d also like a price cut on the thing, but that wouldn’t really be all that surprising.

Whatever they do, it has to be better than last year’s E3 from Microsoft – which fell exceptionally flat.

Tell us! What super secret surprise would you love for Microsoft to reveal at this year’s videogame information christmas?

Last Updated: March 6, 2014

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