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Microsoft research demonstrates head tracking, no glasses 3D and multi image displays

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It’s unfortunate that most of the things invented and tested in research labs never make it into the real world, especially when the tech is as cool as this.

Microsoft Research has released a video… we’re going to stop here and just ponder why they would do such a thing.

Generally R&D is the most secretive part of any hardware/tech firm and the idea of making a video of your up and coming awesome tech and releasing it would horrify any tech company on the planet.. so why did they do it?

I don’t have the answer for that but my guess is they are getting worried about people only discussing Apple, Google and even Facebook when things like technical innovation are being bandied around the table.

You only need to look back to Obama’s tech dinner that was held recently where Steve Ballmer was suspiciously absent to realise that Microsoft are no longer considered to be as big a player as before.

So to counter this they can release some video of their upcoming tech which will up their street cred in the innovation department and it’s not like their competitors aren’t stealing/coercing the information for themselves anyway.

Back to the point.. check out the video below

While it’s all awesome technology the 2 that really make it for me are the 3D enabled viewing without idiotic glasses and then the ability to show 2 different pictures on the same screen.

The second one is the answer to all your splitscreen woes, the Kinect devices pick up the players and then ensure that they are only seeing the screen they are meant to see. So you can have 2 people playing splitscreen on a full screen at the same time… confusing isn’t it.

What makes it even more incredible is that the picture will follow you so that if you and your mate swap sides your image will still only be visible to you…

I doubt it’s ever going to make it into the real world but just knowing they can do something as awesome as that has made my Monday better.

Source: Engadget

Last Updated: February 28, 2011

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