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Microsoft sign up Bieber and Seacrest to market the Kinect

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A lot has been said about how important the Kinect launch is for Microsoft and how much of a marketing push they are going to give it but I have to admit that I am surprised by the size of the celebrity backing they are getting.

The latest news is that not only have they signed up the boy wonder, Justin Bieber, but now they have added the ever present Ryan Seacrest to that line up.

The latest deal announced is that Ryan Seacrest will be running a promotion/competition on his radio show where some Bieber fans will stand in line to win the chance to play Kinect with Justin Bieber backstage.

Now honestly that sounds like the worst prize on the planet but whether you love him or hate him you can’t deny the huge and insane following that Bieber has with the young girls of the planet and with Seacrest having a radio following in the tens of millions I have to tip my hat to Microsoft for a possible marketing slam dunk.

Will it get them over that 3 000 000 unit mark that has been so widely publicised? Only time will tell.

Source: SouthernFriedGamer

Last Updated: October 18, 2010

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