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Microsoft unleashes the Xbox Live Banhammer again

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Numerous reports are coming in of widespread Xbox Live bans again, but it’s not the usual “modded console” banwave that makes affected consoles unable to connect to Microsoft’s network.

Instead, users are being banned for “Marketplace theft.” The problem, this time, is that many claim they’ve done no wrong.

Affected users have been notified via email that they’ve been issued permanent bans – dated to lift on 12/31/9999 – for stealing games from Xbox Live’s Marketplace. There is indeed a method of unlocking Arcade games using JTAG modified console and transferring them to unmodified machines which is probably why most of these bans are being instituted, but many of those who’ve been banned are claiming innocence.

Is it a genuine stuff-up from Microsoft’s side, or are those proclaiming inculpability guilty pirates who’re just trying to get heir bans nullified? I wouldn’t expect that to happen though; Microsoft has never, to my knowledge, overturned a permanent or console ban. Those of you thinking it’s a ploy by Microsoft to sell more Xbox’s before the launch of Gears of War 3 should put your tinfoil hats away; the bans affect individual gamertags, not the consoles themselves. Those bans will probably hit before Modern Warfare 3’s launch.

Just be aware that if you have illicitly gained Marketplace content, expect to kiss your Gamertag goodbye.

Have any of you been affected? Gotten a ban without any clue as to why? Let us know!

Source : Myniritori.com

Last Updated: September 7, 2011

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