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Microsoft’s new Xbox purchase program is designed to weed out scalpers from true fans

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Whether you’re well-invested in a next-gen pissing contest to see which video game console is the best or not, there’s one common thread that binds all Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 supporters: The damn things can’t be found anywhere. Technically there is one store that always has stock, as your local neighborhood scalper will hand over a console if you’re ready to pay a premium price for it.

A quick browse of Facebook’s marketplace or auction sites such as BidorBuy will reveal dozens of listings, each one having inflated the price of the console by a high value so that a quick buck can be made. Thanks for ruining a great hobby, scum. Anyway, Microsoft is looking to deal a killing blow to scalpers, and is trying out a new program called the Console Purchase Pilot.

The idea sounds simple enough: Xbox Insiders members can register and reserve an Xbox Series X or S console. Easy as that.

The idea here is that the program will weed out opportunists from dedicated fans, as being an Xbox Insider requires a bit of effort. Something which most scalpers are deathly afraid of. To sign up for an Xbox Insider account, you’ll obviously need an Xbox One console and patience for the myriad number of updates you’ll have to download every week.

It has been a bit of a weird situation regarding console stock across the globe, but seeing as how this program is only open in the US, it sums it up perfectly. While Xbox Series X|S stock can be found with fewer hurdles here in sunny SA or even as far as not-so-merry ol’ England according to Gavin, the console still sells like the hottest of potatoes in the US of A.

Will this pilot program work? Probably not 100%, but it’s a good start towards getting these machines into the hands of people that genuinely want them.

Last Updated: May 13, 2021

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