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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst MAG Rope detailed

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I like to think that my stomach is pretty much barf-proof, something that Geoff would back up whenever I mention just what it is that I’m having lunch on any given day. That nausea-negating ability of mine extends to excessive baby pictures, picking up dog crap and watch the kind of movies that come with their own chuck bucket.

But if I have one vulnerability, it has to be the original Mirror’s Edge. No other game on the planet has made me want to hurl chunks like EA’s parkour-mad game, and I’m the kind of guy who could play through Kane and Lynch 2 and not suffer an epileptic seizure along the way. And now, the sequel already has my stomach churning in anticipation of some severe digital vertigo.

Beyond the usual shimmying of drainage pipes and high-rise jumps, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has something else in store: A grappling hook. Or a Manifold Attachment Gear Rope, that goes by the name of the MAG Rope. So what’s it do? “The MAG Rope is a device worn on Faith’s forearm that can latch on to specific points in the world, allowing for unique traversal and interaction opportunities,” Producer Jeremy Miller wrote on the Mirror’s Edge website.

When Faith first gets hold off the MAG Rope early in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, she uses it to swing over gaps that are too long to jump across. Upon activation, the MAG Rope shoots out a carbon fiber line, attaching to certain surveillance cameras. The swing is an extension of Faith’s move set and carries her momentum from running into the swing.

In the swing, you have control over the speed and direction – and when and how you want to let go. Initially, the swing function is the only feature of the MAG Rope. There are however upgrades for the MAG Rope that Faith will acquire through the people she meets as her story progresses.

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MAG Rope upgrades “the VD Torsional Motor” for quicker vertical movement upwards, and a grappling tip that “can be used to pierce and grab certain objects in the city” Miller explained. “For instance, Faith may grab and pull out a panel, then quickly jump off it, before the panel retracts again”. So why was Faith given some hardware that would make Batman jealous? To create a more open city to explore this time, as Miller revealed:

One reason is the more open city this time around. Crossing a highway – or even a two-lane road – is a surprisingly far distance that just isn’t jumpable. The MAG Rope allows us to maintain a more believable and varied city without being limited by the distance she can jump. Initially, Faith is a carefree Runner, using her tools to interact with the city purely as a Runner, taking shortcuts and getting to restricted areas in order to complete her runs.

As her story progresses, she’ll find more important ways to use the tech. It was very important to not to make Faith feel like a superhero though – the tool is an extension of her movement, and is not what make her a heroine.

Look, grappling hooks make everything better. Dying Light? Matty was enjoying the standard fight to survive at night, and now he can’t shut up about getting a grappling hook. The Arkham series of Batman games? Listen, can you even imagine the dark knight without some spelunking gear? Just Cause 3? That entire game is actually built around a grapple-hook launcher that just so happens to be attached to a swarthy dictator removal specialist.

Grapple hooks make everything better. If I was legally allowed to own one in real life, I totally would.

Last Updated: March 10, 2016


  1. RinceThis

    March 10, 2016 at 10:51

    If you owned one D you wouldn’t be able to use it. What kind of Batman is afraid of flying? The rat variety!


    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      March 10, 2016 at 11:02

      But you love rats…


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