Miyamoto won’t work on the next Mario

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Here’s both good and bad news for people who worship at the church of Miyamoto; While legendary designed Shigeru Miyamoto likely won’t be working on the next game in the Mario franchise, his creativity won’t be going to waste.

"Creating a Mario of 3D World’s calibre demands enormous energy and there is little chance that I’d be able to take the time necessary to work on the next Mario," Miyamoto said in an interview with Gamekult (via Dualshockers)

While he may not be doing principal design on every Mario game, Miyamoto is still very heavily involved in the production and development of every single game featuring the rotund plumber. His talents though, will now be used to bring new projects to life.

"Instead, I want to get involved more heavily in the development of new, smaller-scale projects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean just modest downloadable titles. It’s not impossible that I’ll present a new game as principal creator in the future, but even though I’m not directly in charge of a project, I’m always keeping an eye on what the teams are doing in terms of gameplay and I have confidence in them.

"Don’t worry about Mario!", he concluded.

While I do worry that without as much Miyamoto influence, Mario games will suffer and not be quite as tightly designed as they currently are, I am beyond excited that Miyamoto will be working on new and interesting things. Things that are hopefully better than Wii Music.

On a related note; Super Mario Bros 3 is hitting the 3DS and Wii U eShops soon. I may just have to buy that. Again.

Last Updated: November 4, 2013

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