Modding Community Gets Hold of Arkham Asylum, Gives Batman Identity Crisis

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One of the best aspects of PC gaming, given my love of tinkering, is that it’s generally pretty easy to muck about with games’ inner workings – skinning in particular. This sort of freedom generally results in naked females or penises (with wings!), but does often lead to some pretty cool skins.

Such is the case with Batman : Arkham Asylum. The official forums have been flooded with character redesigns of the game’s pointy-eared protagonist. While most of them are alternate versions of the Batsuit, such as the classic blue and grey or the black and red Batman Beyond garb, others have spectacularly turned the Caped Crusader in to other crime-fighting compatriots, like Captain America and the Green Lantern.

Have a look on the forum, where you can also download the skin packs.

Last Updated: September 17, 2009

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