Monday Night Combat gets Spunky (and free!) DLC

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Uber Entertainment’s uber awesome team-based third-person shooter is getting a batch of free DLC on 01 December – hey wait, that’s today! Entitled Spunky Cola Special, the DLC adds two new arenas: the Spunky Cola Crossfire arena and the Survivitol Blitz arean. There are also new challenges, new protags and an expanded levelling system for those who have hit level 99.

Additionally, there are a ton of balance tweaks and fixes  that accompany the DLC (full list on the Uber Entertainment website), as well as expansions to other bits and pieces like more commentator announcements, new loading movies and a bunch of new private game options. Did I mention this is all free? Yes? Well, let me remind you: it’s FREE. We love you Uber!

Want to see it all in action? Video after the jump.

They had me at “churros”. Man, I love churros. I love FREE churros even more. Thanks Uber!

Source: [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: December 1, 2010

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