Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate opening cinematic

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Monster hunter 4ultimate

I had a bit of time with the upcoming Monster Hunter IV Ultimate at E3 and I enjoyed the refreshing take on multiplayer in the game. It’s just so inspiring to take down massive animals with your friends, and this opening cinematic will help set the mood.

Here is the opening video fresh out of the Tokyo Games Show:

I can’t get over how gorgeous this video is, showcasing the various armor, weaponry, equipment, consumables and monsters. It certainly gets me keen to gather up some friends and go off into the world to hunt some ridiculously large game.

Of course the video is purely an opening cut scene, but I love how it portrays actual gameplay. Not that anyone would be able to break the monster’s horn that quickly, or would wear Conga armor when fighting a Diablos, but it’s still cool so see them throwing a Sonic Bomb.

Are you a closet Monster Hunter fan? I find the game way more enjoyable on the Wii U. While I’m sure it will be fun on the 3DS, I will probably just have to hold out hope that it will come to Nintendo’s console. I just find the camera controls far too unwieldy on the 3DS; I feel like I have greater control on the Wii U.

Will you be picking this game up at launch, or will you also be holding out hope that it will come to your big screen TV?

Last Updated: September 22, 2014

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