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More evidence of a new GTA surfaces

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At the beginning of March a supposed character list, for what people were hoping would be GTA V, appeared on a casting call website. There was no actual proof that the characters were for a GTA game, but they sure as hell sounded like they were.

Now, a second casting call has been posted but this time it names a character who has been in previous Grand Theft Auto game making it highly likely that a new GTA is in production.

The character in question is somewhat obscure, but he’s from GTA nonetheless. James Pedeaston hosted The Wild Traveller radio show in GTA: San Andreas. A reference to him was also made in GTA IV about him being arrested in Indonesia. Why was he arrested? For acts of paedophilia; Mr. Pedeaston is an advocator of kiddie fiddling.

Why is his advocating of illegal acts important? Because the new casting call describes his character as “a man-boy love activist who just got released from an Indonesian prison.” There is no mistaking that this is for a new GTA. It also provides some insight as to when this next GTA will be set; if Pedeaston is getting out of jail, then the events of the game are obviously set after those of GTA IV.

What’s more, the Production Company mentioned in the casting call was originally listed as, that’s right, Take-Two, the publisher for Rockstar’s GTA games. All mention of Take-Two has since been removed from the casting call.

Still, there’s no guarantee that this is for GTA V. Don’t forget that Sony has announced its powerful new NGP handheld, and Rockstar has already been mentioned as a developer for the device. It is therefore a possibility that Rockstar could be developing another portable GTA. Either way, it doesn’t really matter; a new GTA is great news regardless of the platform it’s on.

Source: Joystiq


Last Updated: March 30, 2011

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