More evidence of GTA V coming to PC

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We’re pretty damned sure Grand Theft Auto V (incidentally, our game of the year last year) is going to make its way to PC and possibly even the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The evidence for a PC versions is mounting. And now, there’s even more.

PC Gamer’s gone and analysed data from a 150-page debugging bug log that details problems people have had with various builds of the game from April 2009, all the way to August last year. According to them, a "PC version" has been referenced in the data since June 2012.

According to PC Gamer, the whole thing contains over “170 references to PC development bugs, numerous notes on DX11 support and a related "smog" weather setting, mention of a "lastgen" toggle used during development and bugs relating to 64-bit system testing.”

Here’s one such error log, detailing “PC Only Issues.” Other errors point to a x64 build just not behaving properly.


The list has actually been available online since September last year, but got posted to a public Google drive recently, allowing everyone to disseminate its contents. It comes as the petition to bring GTA V to PC reaches nearly 660 000 signatures.

Regular retailer listings point to a PC version, with a rumoured release date of March 12 this year. Hopefully it’ll be better optimised than the PC version of GTA IV was – and hopefully modders will have a field day making Los Santos a better place when (and I say when with great confidence) GTA V comes to PC.

Last Updated: January 20, 2014

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