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More Rumours Of A New Xbox In 2012 Arise

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While it has to still be filed under the rumour section, more and more little bits and pieces of information are ‘leaking’ out that show that Microsoft may have a new console waiting in the wings.

This, even after we reported that Microsoft stated that the Xbox 360 is only halfway through its life.

According to Boy Genius Report:

“A source with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans within the company’s Entertainment and Devices Division has confirmed with BGR that Microsoft intends to unveil its next-generation Xbox console at E3 2012 next summer.

The source is not aware of Microsoft’s launch plans for the new Xbox, which we are told has been in development since 2006.”

It’s not illogical for Microsoft to release a new console, the whole process works out pretty well, just like it did with Sony and the Playstation. A company releases a new console to get a head start on the next generation as well as get all the fanboys and hardcore gamers’ blood pumping and then people on a budget flock out to buy the now less expensive previous console with a massive library of games.

Heck, it’s the reason the PS2 was such a success. So will this happen for real? We don’t have anything concrete yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more rumours start popping up over the course of the year.

Source: BGR

Last Updated: June 28, 2011

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