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Moron steals Xbox 360 and leaves a PS3 in its place

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You have to wonder about the sanity levels of certain people on this planet. Unfortunately my idea of forcing morons to walk around with a moron tattoo on their forehead hasn’t yet been approved by government but thankfully there is now one less person to contemplate for the tattoo.

Joshua Beck is a 19 year old imbecile from Bay County City in America, now I’ve taken abuse before for labelling Americans as stupid but this time I think his actions back up my insults.

You see Joshua is addicted to Xanax but didn’t have any money so he went around to his friends house and asked him to sell his consoles and games for cash so that he could buy some more Xanax.

Unsurprisingly his friend wasn’t keen on selling his entertainment to fuel Josh’s drug habit and said no. Joshua then left and so did his friend.

Later that day the friend returned and lo and behold his Xbox 360 Elite and Wii plus all the games had been stolen. Now instantly you’re thinking that Joshua may be responsible but then how could it be proven.

Well Joshua apparently felt bad, or stupid… or who knows but instead of just making off with the goods and some cash he found lying around he decided to leave his own PS3 in place of the Xbox.

It’s a nice thought I guess because now his friend could continue gaming while he got high on Xanax but what Joshua didn’t realise is that this would tip the police off as to who may have stolen the goods.

So now Joshua is in jail after admitting to stealing the consoles (but not the cash) and is awaiting trial.

My mind baffles.. why didn’t Joshua just sell his PS3 for drug money?

Last Updated: March 7, 2012

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