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Last month we posted a character trailer for Mileena and mused upon whether these trailer releases would become a regular feature leading up to the game’s eventual release. It’s looking more and more likely as here’s a new one for Liu Kang.

Everyone knows Liu Kang. He’s one of those “either love him or hate him” kind of characters. His story trailer gives you some background information into how his character evolved and it gives you a peak into which of his signature moves will be making a return. Loads of weird Liu Kang noises (and two other character trailers you might have missed) after the jump.

Yes, I think I fall into the “hate him” category; he’s just so squeaky and boring. To combat that, here’s an older character trailer for Scorpion, which for some reason we haven’t posted before. I always thought that Scorpion was the dodgy one and that Sub-Zero was the more moral of the two. Turns out I was totally wrong; Sub-Zero is such a douche and Scorpion has every right to want to perforate him with that harpoon of his.

And then I saw the Sub-Zero story trailer, which paints Scorpion as a douche. I’m so conflicted! Who do I sympathise with?

You know what, they’re both just really, really mean people and deserve to spend sequel after sequel trapped in a perpetual fight to the death. I’ll stick with characters who have no grey areas, like Baraka. That guy is totally misunderstood and probably just wants a hug but his spikey arms keep cutting people open.

Last Updated: February 11, 2011

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