Mortal Kombat is better than Street Fighter

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We’ve been accused of misleading headlines before and I’ll be the first one to admit this headline is mainly aimed at annoying Nick and Geoff who believe the sun rises and sets in the round posterior of the Street Fighter series.

I personally don’t see the fascination or fun in Street Fighter and much rather prefer the posterior’s in Dead or Alive but that’s another story.

Today it was announced by Warner Bros that the latest Mortal Kombat title had sold over 3 million units which means that it has entirely paid for itself and is now making a solid profit for Warner Bros. This is great news as we weren’t sure how long the family loving company would keep Mortal Kombat around for since it’s, well, not so family friendly.

But in the end they are in it for the profits and the title certainly brings those in so we should see another one in the not to distant future.

But more excitingly for me personally is that it has more than doubled Super Street Fighter 4’s sales of 1.3 million which goes to show it’s a better title and Geoff and Nick can finally stop playing Street Fighter and move on to a real man’s game.. like FIFA…

Because everyone knows that sales figures are the only true measure of quality.. right?

Source: Neogaf

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

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