Mortal Kombat X fighters are 3-in-1 deals

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Mortal Kombat is, without a doubt, my favourite fighting franchise [Ed’s note: because you suck at Street Fighter]. You’ve got blood, guts, advanced spine restructuring procedures and facial reconstruction. If I was studying something like Anatomy, I’d definitely want Mortal Kombat X to be some sort of set work. Not too sure that would fly in our education system nowada…oh wait yes it would.

Mortal Kombat X is looking like another great installment in the franchise already. There’s only been a few details released already, but seeing the Thunder God kick the crap out of Kotal Kahn already has me grinning from cheek to cheek. The trailer released by NetherRealm yesterday isn’t exactly new, since most of it was already shown after the EVO Championships last month. It does however reveal a bit more about the plans for each fighter.

Each Mortal Kombat X combatant will come in three different flavours. These aren’t just cosmetic costume changes, but rather different move sets and tactics for you to employ. Raiden, for example, can be played as a Thunder God, Displacer or Storm Lord. Thunder God enhances all of his lightning based abilities, making his special move damage output a little higher. Displacer sacrifices that for additional teleportation moves, which give Raiden more freedom of movement in a battle and difficult to contain. Storm Lord makes the fight a lot more strategic, enhancing Raiden’s trap move so that they have greater range and damage output. More for controlling the fight rather than constantly moving.,

Raiden (1)

So each fighter in Mortal Kombat X will  have three variations, which does make the game sound a lot more interesting. It’s not about how big the roster is anymore, and more about how a certain variation of a single character works best against an opponent. It’s probably a good decision for the eSport aspect of the game as well.

You can check out series creator Ed Boon talking about the changes in the gameplay trailer below. NetherRealm are set to reveal a new fighter at Gamescom, although a recent leak may have already confirmed it to be Kano.

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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