MotionPlus Was Too Expensive During Wii Development

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So why wasn’t the Wii motion plus technology in the Wiimote from the beginning? Well according an interview that 1up had with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has said that at the end of the day it all came down to the price. Which as a south African I guess you could be happy about because otherwise we would probably be expected to pay R4000 for a Wii here.

Reggie explained that Nintendo was aware of the technology while designing the Wii but implementing it would have proven too costly for the business model Nintendo was looking to employ.

By waiting about three years, the costs come down substantially and it becomes a viable product,” he offered.

While I think the prospect of the Wii having more precise controls is pretty cool, I’ve got to wonder if it was the right move to make. The Motion Plus will segment the Wii’s market and potentially cause confusion among the casual gamer, the casual gamer that pulled them out from the dark hole they dug with the Gamecube.

Nintendo say that their games will support the Wiimote alone but lets be honest, would in not feel like half the experience? You would essentially be buying a game you could never play properly until you bought another peripheral. This could become a large issue if all future titles do take advantage Wii motion plus.

Last Updated: October 7, 2008

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