Motorstorm Arctic Edge pulled from the Vita store

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Sony has pulled Motorstorm Arctic Edge from the PlayStation Store thanks to a homebrew developer announcing that the game can be used to execute unsigned code on the PS Vita.

Basically which means it’s step 1 for running pirated software on the handheld. But that’s not even the most depressing part.

No the worst part of the entire thing is that the section of code being exploited is the PS Vita’s ability to run PSP titles and allows it to play older PSP games.

Sony were notified about this exploit quite quickly after launch but for some reason a patch hasn’t yet been released which leads me to believe the exploit is a bigger problem than Sony realised and could lead to the PS Vita becoming the handheld of choice for pirated gaming.

It’s no secret that I hate piracy and now that legitimate gamers are directly losing out thanks to piracy I’m even more irritated.

Last Updated: March 2, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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