MSSA vs SAESA website battle

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One of the smaller complaints around the MSSA is that their website has been pretty woeful and they have been attempting to use Facebook and Wikipedia to spread the information on their goals.

In response to his woeful comment on his first interview, Simphiwe Maphumulo responded to Mweb on the 28th of February stating

“With regards to the MSSA website, this setup of a new website is a priority for me, and I have been assured by our developer that it will be up and running in two weeks.”

The 14th of March came and went and still no website and so on the 15th of March 2014 the MSSA held a pretty useless press conference and again Simphiwe promised that they would have a website up with the next 7 days. It’s 9 days on from that event and we have still no sign of an MSSA website. In fact it’s gotten worse and their ugly landing page has now been replaced with a blank screen.


As you can see the above isn’t much of a website… not to mention that they registered the name wrong as it should be but hey they can’t get anything everything right. So we know the new president is ineffectual and makes promises he unable to keep. 

But what about the competing players’ association, The South African eSports Association? Well they have also promised that they wiould have an awesome new website a few weeks back, however while their website is a lot prettier than the blank page that the MSSA has it’s not quite a website either.


So two organisations vying for eSports in South Africa and neither of them have been able to create one over a couple of weeks.

What’s worse in my opinion is that both the organisations are planning on using WordPress for their sites. Same as we do. So I can personally guarantee that you can get a WordPress website up and populated with content in under an hour.  It’s a poor attempt from both parties on what is probably the least important aspect of the organisations…but also probably the easiest.

I’d reach out for comment but the MSSA has banned me from contacting any of them,  and the SAESA already said last week they are working on getting their site up and running. 

[Update] The official SAESA website is now live – 11:53am 24th March 2014

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Last Updated: March 24, 2014

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