Murder, She Wrote & House M.D P.C Games?

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Yeah guys you’ve read right. I still can’t believe it either but apparently Legacy Interactive and Universal Pictures Digital Platforms are to join forces to develop games based on both House M.D and Murder, She Wrote.

Supposedly the M,SW title will be adapted for the casual adventure genre, with a hidden object base for the PC. Its said that the aim will capture the atmosphere of the classic television show and features 5 completely original mysteries and (as you’re probably dying to know) stars the infamous ‘Jessica Fletcher’.

House M.D on the other hand is set to be released on both PC and DS. It will allow fans of the series to join a medical team and attempt to diagnose and treat a plethora of patients and various complex illnesses.

Vice president and general manager of interactive, Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group, Bill Kispert said that,

Legacy’s success in developing television franchises such as NBC’s Law & Order as games gives us confidence that they will again deliver engaging interactive experiences to fans of House M.D. and Murder, She Wrote.

While Ariella Lehrer, President and CEO of Legacy Interactive added that,

Given the dynamism in the casual gaming sector and robust online distribution channels, we believe the timing is ideal to bring well-known TV franchises to videogames.

All I can say is that I’m at a loss for words man – what’ll they think of next?

Source: casualgaming

Last Updated: June 9, 2009

  • Do these people have no shame? :blink:

  • janrik

    Soon to a PC near you:

    Airwolf, the game of the series, re-released.

    The A + Team, fixing a PC near you, with style. And blowing the bad guys away, tech style.

  • bboy

    I still don’t understand why no-one was suspicious of ol’ Jessica Fletcher, I mean seriously – people keep dying around her and she cleverly decides who is to blame – um hello, “Murder She Commit”!!!

  • Faheem Abrahams

    duuuude i know – i would’ve arrested that old cougar ages ago.
    everywhere she goes… dead dead dead… like a sinister black widow dressed in red or brown? what the hell did she ware anyway? :silly:

  • Angela Lansbury is foxy! :wub:

  • What did she wear? Can’t remember,but I’m pretty
    sure she knitted it herself inbetween killing sprees.

  • easy
  • Don’t forget MacGuyer!!

  • easy

    and remmington steel, airwolf, rip curl and last but not least magnum pi!!

  • Faheem Abrahams

    dude that link was creapy! dam :cwy: near wet myself

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