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MW3 wins race to a Billion, keeps going strong

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We all know Modern Warfare 3 is selling well and that it was likely to eclipse a $1Bn in revenue at some point seeing as it’s predecessors did as well but I don’t think anyone would have put money on how well it really did.

Modern Warfare 3 has now become the fastest selling entertainment product on the planet, eclipsing both Avatar and Harry Potter to that $1Bn mark.

Avatar and Harry Potter both crossed the billion mark after 17 days, yes half a working month. Makes you sick doesn’t it.

Anyway MW3 has now crossed the $1Bn mark after only 16 days in retail. To put that into perspective let’s just break it down. MW3 made

  • $62 500 000 per day
  • $2 604 166 per hour
  • $43 402 per minute
  • $723 every freaking second for 17 days straight

In short it’s taken me around 5 minutes in total to write this up, if I was Modern Warfare 3 I’d now expect to be paid $217 010 or a mere R1 779 482

Why can I picture Bobby Kotick sitting back with a fine cigar yelling ‘lol n00b’ at everyone from his penthouse apartment on the freaking moon.

I wonder how Jason West and Vince Zampella are feeling right now?

Last Updated: December 13, 2011

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